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To Battle, Or Not“Uncle?”
Turgon turned from his spot by the window to look at his nephew. “Yes?”
“They say that you have decided to not go to the battle.” Maeglin replied, twisting his hand in his shirt.
Turgon laughed. “Were you looking forward to ruling in my absence that much?”
“What? No! It’s just, why aren’t you going?” Maeglin looked nervous. “I mean, he’s the only one of your siblings left.”
Turgon paused. “Yes. He is.”
Though neither elf said Fingon’s name, it was obvious to everyone in Gondolin that Fingon had preoccupied Turgon’s thoughts since the first whispers of the planned battle had come.
“Is it because you are still angry at him?” Maeglin asked.
“No. Yes,” Turgon said. “I am angry at him, but I don’t want to leave you alone here to rule.”
“You wouldn’t be. I already told Idril. If you go, I go with you.” Maeglin s

I write a lot of prose, both original and fanfic.

Illusion by LadyBrookeCelebwen Haikuwrimo 2014 - Week 1February 1
You’re conceited and
a bit too sure of yourself;
It’s what I love like.
February 2
I’m watching you act;
You’re an old English gentleman
across the room from me.
February 3
Second glances, second guesses,
You flirt with everyone.
I'm on cloud nine and then in hell.
February 4
Mistrust, dangling over us;
You’re too good for me and
I’m too broken for you.
February 5
Smiles and laughter;
I bow my head down and
hope you don't see tears.
February 6
Hello, goodbye,
Did you finish the test?
I remember every word.
February 7
You’re graduating soon,
I smile and wish you good luck.
It was just a dream.

I also am starting to write more poetry and hope to write more scripts.

You can find my fanfic here and my original works here


Just because I want to keep these all in one place:

My darling brotherMy darling brother,
I hope things are going well for you.
This summer has not shaped up how any of us expected, has it? To think that one year ago we were sitting in the lap of luxury, and now we are scattered to the ends of the continent in a miserable exile. It is unbearable to think of our cousins still feasting, draped in jewels, while we must content ourselves to live on their pity.
Forgive me. You asked, of course, about the rest of the family in your last letter. Grandfather has been horribly boring lately, sulking around and not doing anything. I know he misses having a kingdom, but really! I do not understand how he manages to spend so much time just lounging around.
I found Anne’s diary the other day, and to quote from it -  
“While being away from home has its disadvantages, I like being surrounded by so many men that are not our relatives. It is a relief to be able to carry on an affair with one of them without having to worry that he is really our cook.
Nine TimesI saw him nine times.
The first time we were both sitting in the room together, getting ready to take the math test that would determine our placement. I was scatterbrained and throwing things around, trying to find the pencils that I had known I would need but had still just tossed in my purse. He was lounging backwards in his chair, looking for all the world as though he didn’t have a single care in the world, including the upcoming test. It annoyed me, that I was frantic and ready to scream, while someone else could be that relaxed.
I tested out of the class.  
I don’t know if he did.
The second time I saw him, it was a few months after I arrived on campus. He was the one rushing and frantic this time, running across the square. He was probably late for class, though I had no way of knowing for sure. I was already lost in my own thoughts and ideas, deciding on my major and convincing people that yes, this is what I really want to do with my life. If they weren

October 14, 2013 ~~~~~~~ July 22, 2014

Mr. FluffyMy cat is a small god.
No, don’t look at me like that. I know what you’re thinking - that I’m just another crazy cat lady, driven mad by loneliness.
Really, my cat is a small god. All those stories of witches with cats, well, they had to start somewhere, don’t you know?
Anyways, my cat is a small god. Not one of the big gods or tricksters, like Zeus or Raven or whoever else you think. Small doesn’t only refer to the fact that he’s only three pounds soaking wet.
You’d think that being so small he couldn’t do too much damage. Of course, you’d be wrong. Granted, most of his mischief is restricted to messing with my neighbors who have dogs. That’s how I first figured out something was wrong, when he went out one day, got chased by the dog, and the next thing anyone knew, he was back inside the house and poor Zack had his paws on backwards for a moment. They changed back before my neighbor could notice, thank goodness.
He talked to

April 6, 2014

Interviews: (If you want to know more about me, for some reason)
Adjusting the Antennae (Ep. 7)
Amazing Deviants (18)

List of Stories To Be Written

Trades - Friends Only by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDukeRequests - Open by SweetDuke*

:bulletblue: Noldo U: Celegorm Meets the Hot Foreign Student (guess who?)
:bulletgreen: Thuringwethil/Orodreth tragic backstory.
:bulletblue: Every story started on my computer (especially from B2MeB)
:bulletgreen: And the remaining Troll!Mandos stories.
:bulletblue: Happy Maedhros/Fingon smutty times (probably not posted here. :dummy:)
:bulletgreen: Noldo U: when Aegnor got a job as a weather announcer (during the dry season) - Fires on the map, fires in the forest, fires everywhere!
:bulletblue: "Fanor/Aredhel", a.k.a. "Aredhel is attracted to dark, mysterious smiths". Featuring the reactions of Celegorm, Fingon, Maedhros, Curufin, Turgon, Fingolfin, Finw, El, Maeglin, Indis, Anair, and anyone else
that happens to be around during visitor's day.
:bulletgreen: Hiiragi loves Aegnor because of lighty fire things. (Also, Celebril shows up.)
:bulletblue: Disney Princess Noldor
:bulletgreen: Noldor Perform Shakespeare
:bulletblue: A story with this saying in it… (also, go fav that stamp!)
:bulletgreen: Fluffy Aegnor and older brother Orodreth (who knows how to light fires)

I am open to requests and suggestions, please go to if you wish to do so. Please note there is no guarantee of time or if I will do a request.

*If you and I have talked on even a semi-regular basis, there's a high possibility you fit under the friend category. Feel free to send a note.


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“Ignore her,” Elmo said, pulling Celeborn closer to him. “You must ignore her.”

“But she’s lonely.” He tried to pull free. “She just wants to see me again. Why wouldn’t you let me see my mother? Why?”

Elmo hoped Celeborn didn’t notice how much his hands were shaking. “Because she’s injured. Remember how when Olwë fell we left him alone sometimes? Your mother needs that too.”

Tears welled up in Celeborn’s eyes, but he eventually nodded. “I’ll leave her alone.”

“No more running out of camp to try and reach her either, do you understand?” Elmo ordered.

“Yes, Grandfather,” Celeborn nodded again.

“Good boy,” he smiled and kissed Celeborn’s forehead. “Now, go play with the other children.”

Celeborn finally ran off after drying his face, leaving Elmo behind.

“Does he understand?” Olwë grasped his brother’s shoulder briefly before letting go.

“He understands that he is to leave her alone and not try to follow her out of camp.”

“And the rest?” Olwë pressed.

Elmo sighed. “How could I explain to him that his mother was taken by Him? There is no good way.”

His brother nodded briefly, glancing over his shoulder at the edges of the camp.“She’ll keep haunting us until she’s driven away,” Olwë said.

Elmo smiled tiredly. “Is that your hint that you want me to drive her away?”

Olwë paused, looking over his brother. “Not now. You need rest. If she becomes a more serious issue, I’ll drive her away myself.”

Elmo smiled again. “Thank you.”

“What are brothers for?” Olwë grasped his brother’s shoulder again. “If you need anything, tell me or send someone to tell me. It’s unfair for you to shoulder everything.”

Elmo nodded, but didn’t speak, only nodding as his brother left and he took up his watch of the darkened tree line once more.
Written for Fan-Flashworks, challenge "Haunted" (also, random observation, haunted and hunted are rather similar - both could easily apply to this story).

Also serving as this years creepy Halloween Tolkien fic.

2011, aka the one based on the serial killer Galadriel nightmare I had, which means it isn't my best, but is apparently really creepy, is here: You can't run far enough
2012, aka Orodreth the murderer, or is he: Punishment Enough
2013, the year of Celeborn and little Thranduil: The Darkest Times

...I'm proud of myself for four years in a row, okay? :lol: Maybe I'll manage another Halloween story before this year is over.
“He’s hardly our enemy, Turko. An annoyance, maybe. But not our enemy – where do you even come up with these ideas?” Maedhros shook his head, red hair falling out of his braid.

Maglor yawned next to him, both of them having been awoken by Celegorm’s yelling.

“But – he is! Why aren’t you taking me seriously?”

“Because you’re equating another elf’s interest in someone you’re interested in with Morgoth? It’s as ridiculous as the time you tried to get Curvo to dump a bucket of frogs on Turukáno’s head,” Maglor said.


“No, Turko,” Maedhros said.

“Fine.” Celegorm crossed his arms and frowned. “I still hate him.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” Maedhros rolled his eyes. “Just go back to bed, alright? Before you wake everyone else up too.”

“But I need to-”

“Sleep! No more excuses.”
Your Brother's Enemy
The longer version of the title would be "Your brother's enemy isn't always yours". :lol:

Written for Fan-Flashworks, challenge "Enemies"
“It’s like a puzzle.”

Maglor looked over at Amras. “What’s like a puzzle?”

“Us, our family. Except with Telvo and Maitimo dead, we’re a broken puzzle. You know, the ones that used to make Turukáno have a fit and toss all the pieces back into a box, because they frustrated him? I guess that makes us even more like one of those.” Amras frowned as he finished talking.

“Maitimo isn’t dead,” Maglor finally said.

“He should be.”

“Pityo!” Maglor yelled.

Neither noticed Curufin and Celegorm racing across camp at the yelling, or Caranthir shooing people away from the opening of the tent.

Amras kept rambling. “He should be. It’d be better for him. Morgoth is torturing him, and we’re here all alone and nobody is going to come help us now. We burned the ships, and everyone else isn’t stupid enough to come, and we can’t go rescue Maitimo. You said we didn’t have enough people to do that.”

“We might find people to help us one day, you know that. Other elves, or the second born that Grandfather used to tell us stories about how they would be born one day.”

“You’re a dreamer. Why would they help murderers who slew their own brother rescue another
brother? Maybe they’ll think that it’s better for him to be away from us, so that we can’t kill him too.” Amras laughed.

“You need sleep. Clearly, you’re tired and not sleeping clearly.”

“Or maybe you just don’t want to admit the truth,” Amras said, before leaving.
Like Puzzles
Written for Fan-Flashworks, challenge "Puzzles".

And we're back to me tormenting Fëanorions. It always ends this way.
“I can’t go through there.” Aredhel gestured at the doorway. “You’re asking me to leave my cousins, my brother, my father – for who knows how long? And for what?”

“You are only supposed to stay in my Halls for as long as it takes you to learn what you did wrong in life. You are ready to leave, Aredhel,” Námo replied.

“I can’t! If I leave, I won’t see my cousins at least until the breaking of the world. You cannot force me to leave, you didn’t force Míriel to,” she argued.

“I cannot force you to leave, true. But what would you stay here for? Do you not want to see your mother and the rest of your family again?”

Aredhel shook her head. “Not at the cost of the other side of my family. I will not leave.”

Námo shook his head. “Very well. You may stay, for now. We shall discuss this again.”

Aredhel didn’t answer.
I Will Not Leave
Written for Fan-Flashworks, challenge "Doorway".

...Aredhel is stubborn, okay? I like her that way.
So, makeup blog at some point in the future.
4 deviants said Yes, because this has been in the back of your mind for awhile
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2 deviants said You like makeup?
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Back Again

Sun Oct 12, 2014, 4:35 PM

Hey guys. One month later, I'm back again - at least somewhat, and probably only until my fall break is over.

If I'm entirely honest, I'm struggling this semester with things. Not going into those things, but let's just say that it's become abundantly apparent that I'm going to have to discuss some of my health issues with my professor, and I really don't want to do that.

Add in one off-putting, flirtatious student, one chaotic run in at Walmart with a professor yesterday, and other things, and I'm frazzled as hell. I mean, there's things I love and that I find really cool and fun (TAing in general!), but it's just one of those times.

So yeah. I'm going to try to get the writing I've done recently up here eventually. I'm definitely running Anonymous Annatar again, and I'm going to try to get this years Halloween story up (assuming I manage to think of a story).

How is everyone else? :)


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In my real life, I am a university age student studying in the Social Sciences, with the aim of going to grad school and hopefully becoming a professor.

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Find me on FFN as BrookeofLorien, and various other places as LadyBrooke.

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