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That would be me. This is great.

Soliciting opinions: I have no choice but to go back to school, where I have a two block walk between my apartment and my normal class building. I have the feeling that if this doesn't heal quickly and I'm still in a cast/boot, I'll either have to use crutches or have some kind of wheelchair/knee scooter/whatever.

I feel like people will think I'm lazy for the 2nd option and only crutches as absolutely necessary to get somewhere, but I'm incredibly unsteady and have vertigo under the best of conditions. So I guess what I'm asking is should I look into getting a wheelchair or give into the probable judgment of the people around me?
General setting and idea: Right before the giving of Achicometl’s daughter to the Mexica (aka Aztecs) in order for her to become a goddess. Likely going through the discovery at the feast that she was sacrificed in order to do this.  

Why?: Because the Aztecs have both the characteristics of being one of the civilizations I’m interested in and having something known about them, making them a better choice than the Indus Valley civilization. In addition, I like the play of normal for one cultural group versus normal for another, and how the two sides can conflict.  


  • Achicometl – leader of the Culhuacan. Has at least one daughter and likely more children of both genders.
  • Achicometl’s daughter. Somewhat nervous about being made a goddess.  I think I want the pov to either be her’s or Achicometl’s.
  • Aztec priest? – Sees nothing wrong with what he’s doing, and doesn’t even think about needing to explain
  • Background characters as needed – probably advisors and random Aztecs


  • Obviously, details are scarce. Aztec writing is mostly from the 16th century, long after these events occurred, and the people of Culhuacan didn’t have a writing system. So exact details about the event are scarce.
  • Could have tendency to come off as shocking, instead of being a somewhat normal part of cultural beliefs (for the Aztecs. The Culhuacans, not so much). This could make pov problematic. Making it from the Culhuacan pov could lead the Aztecs to come off as savage, which is not what I want to achieve. But I also want to show the Culhuacan view that this is seriously wrong.
  • Names might kill me.
  • Need to figure out when different portions of the Axtec belief system developed, so things don’t show up much earlier than they should.
HFW: Part I, Brainstorm
Hopefully this doesn't go completely off the rails.
She left a note on the door that said “I regret nothing more than living”.
15 Word Fiction: A Note
Probably depressive.

I have weird flashes of stories in my brain sometimes at night.
Has anyone taken it?

I'm about to cry my eyes out. I need to take it next month, but I don't feel prepared at all, I'm going to fail it, and then I have no idea what I'm going to do. Like, I know that if I've actually covered the material on it in college, I can do it.

But I don't know if we'll have actually covered everything I need to, and I know my high school wasn't good enough to make up the difference.
Jessica blinked, rubbed her eyes, and then blinked again.  

It didn’t make the scene in front of her go back to its normal, sane reality that was not occupied by ghosts.

If it had been just her that she had to consider, she probably would have given up and walked away, determined to only return after sleep and coffee. Unfortunately, her idiot cousin was still staring at what was going on too, and her mother would never forgive her if they had to listen to Aunt Lucy’s screams about her poor lost daughter.

So she had to somehow drag Amy out with her, while trying not to get too distracted by the ghosts.

Amy kept looking at them even as Jessica started to tug on her arm. “Are ghosts supposed to do that?”

Jessica looked over, where the ghosts had now begun to take their clothes off, and was tempted to give up and let her cousin be lost to the sin of watching ghost pornography, or however Aunt Lucy would term it. Why couldn’t she be more like mom? She would just tell her to not spy on them, they’ve probably been apart for far too long as is.

She finally tugged Amy enough to get her out the door.

“We are not going back in there again.”




Stripping Ghosts
FFM, July 15, 2015

I'm so tired. This is what happens when I'm tired.

Inspired by the prompt "Are ghosts supposed to do that?" - by WizardandGalaxy


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